Facel Vega


The French manufacturer Facel S.A. was founded in 1939 as a steel company and in 1945 it worked with Metallon Facel to make short-run special bodies, coupés or cabriolets with car companies including Ford and Delahaye. The marque Facel Vega was created in 1954 by Jean Daninos with production models Facel Vega FV, HK500 and Facel Vega II.

Its initial claim to fame for luxury cars came when it worked on the chassis for the Bentley Cresta and later the Cresta II followed by the premiere of the Ford Comète. The styling of the Crestas and Comètes was developed into the shape of the first Vega. Though initially successful Facel closed in October 1964.

1961 Facel Vega HK500

An elegant and powerful grand tourer.