Guinness Draught

Guinness Draught contains tiny nitrogen bubbles for a creamy mouthfeel and velvety head

Don't fall for the myth that dark beers are higher in alcohol content and calories.

In reality, the roasted barley found in Guinness and other stouts only enriches taste. Weighing in at 4.2 percent ABV, 126 calories and only 9.9 grams of carbs per 12-ounce serving, the Guinness served on draft in the United States is actually a light beer. However, with its rich chocolate and coffee flavors, and thick, velvety head, Guinness has a hearty feel that most low-calorie options lack. In addition, Guinness Draught or widget-equipped cans are pressurized with nitrogen, which produces smaller bubbles than carbon dioxide, giving the beer a distinctive, creamy mouthfeel. The brewery once advertised that "Guinness Is Good for You," and in the case of your waistline, it just may be. But be sure you're grabbing the right Guinness — the Extra Stout packs in 175 calories and 6 percent ABV, while the Foreign Extra Stout boasts a hefty 225 calories and 7.5 percent ABV.

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St James's Gate 8 Dublin Ireland

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Beer type : Stout Price: $9.49 for six-pack 11.2 oz ABV: 4.2%


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