O'Hara's Curim Gold Irish Wheat

O'Hara's Irish Wheat is also known as Curim Gold Celtic Wheat

Ireland is famous for its stout, but this Irish wheat beer is worth checking out.

Also known as Curim Gold Celtic Wheat, O'Hara's Irish Wheat is an easy-drinking golden ale. On the nose, it displays hints of banana, peach and plum, which balance the bitter hops on the finish. Mild and smooth on the palate, the beer's wheaty flavor profile lacks the stronger whole-grain flavors typical of many American hefeweizens. At just 4.3 percent alcohol, the Irish Wheat works well with food or as a session ale. This product has limited availability in the U.S.

Beer Information

Carlow Brewery


Muine Bheag Business Park Royal Oak Rd Carlow Ireland

Beer Details

Beer type : Red Ale ABV: 4.3%


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