Ayinger Ur-Weisse is smooth, rich and complex

Dunkel, or “dark,” is a reference to both a beer’s color and the color of the malts used to make them.

A specialty of the Bavarian region, Dunkelweizen combines pale wheat malt with darker barley malt for color and flavor. Ayinger’s Ur-Weisse exemplifies the style’s platonic ideal — smooth, rich and complex, without being the least bit heavy. Cloudy with bready-tasting yeast sediment, the beer showcases a brilliant russet-gold hue under a fluffy white head. Lush fruity flavors result from a unique strain of ale yeast, marking the beer with aromas of caramelized bananas, plums and cloves.

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Beer type : Wheat Price: $3.49 for 500 ml. ABV: 5.8%


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