Bitburger Premium Pils has herbal hop aromas and a brisk lager finish

German 'Pilsner,' modeled after a style first brewed in the Czech town of Plzen, has inspired the world's pale golden lagers — the globe's most popular beers by a mile.

But the German originals, like this classic 'Pils' brewed in the city of Bitburg, have a more bracingly bitter finish, ideal for cooling off on sun-drenched days and taming the heat of spicy foods. More substantial than commercial lagers, too, Bitburger packs as much nutrition as a bowl of granola. This classic pilsner's herbal hop aromas and brisk lager finish feel as fresh and clean as a newly starched shirt and can banish even the most persistent cases of the hot and muggies. Buffalo wings and burritos make for terrific pairings.

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Beer type : Pilsner Price: $5.99 for four-pack 16 oz. ABV: 4.8%


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