Cave Creek Chili Beer is made with a hybrid serrano seed from Texas

While this beer is not for everyone, those that like and can handle plenty of spice will appreciate a brew in which you can feel the burn in every sip.

In 1989, Ed Chilleen, known as Crazy Ed, came up with the idea of peppering his beer. He wanted to use jalapeño peppers, but they were too big; serranos were the right size, but way too hot. After discovering a hybrid serrano seed from Texas that had 50 percent less heat, the problem was solved. This beer has a light lager base, which allows the flavor and heat of the chili to shine through, as you won't taste much else. The peppers are put into each bottle by hand, and if you can manage to get it out after drinking the beer, feel free to eat the pepper. Just don't expect any heat to be left in it, for it's already been spent in the beer you just drank. Originally made in Cave Creek, Arizona, this spicy brew is now crafted in Tecate, Mexico.

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Beer type : Lager Price: $8.99 for six-pack 12 oz. ABV: 4.2%


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