Chimay Grande Réserve

Chimay Grande Réserve has a distinctively wine-like sharpness

Six Trappist monasteries in Belgium have preserved the medieval art of brewing, continuing to inspire modern “Abbey-style” beers around the globe.

Chimay is the label most widely available in the United States, and their Grande Réserve is the age-worthy pinnacle of their three iconic brews. Also known as Chimay “Blue” for the color of its capsule, this epic beer is chocolatey brown in color and displays awe-inspiring aromatic complexity. From fruitcake and mincemeat to sherry and sassafras, a wide range of flavors emerge and blend in unexpected ways. An exemplar of Old World brewing traditions, Grande Réserve exudes a rustic earthiness that conjures ancient manuscripts and organic produce. Its distinctively wine-like sharpness sets it apart from imitators, serving to balance the beer’s imposing malt and hop bitterness. This style is incomparable as a partner for hearty slow-cooked winter meats.

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Beer type : Belgian Strong Dark Ale Price: $6.99 for 12 oz. ABV: 9%


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