Collesi Rossa is a great example of the excellent craft beers being produced in Italy today

Italy, a country known more for drinks made with grapes than barley, is experiencing a craft beer renaissance similar to the one America had in the 1990s.

This brew hails from the Collesi family estate in the small medieval village of Apecchio in central Italy. The local spring water used in the beer is so pristine that it requires no treatment whatsoever. Rossa — Italian for "red" — is named for its dark mahogany appearance with reddish hues when held up to the light. Like beers made in Germany, only four ingredients are used: water, barley, hops and yeast. The ale is refermented in the bottle in a process borrowed from Belgian brewers. The yeast imparts aromas of spice and adds complex flavors of hazelnut, cherry and dried fruit. Nature lovers will also appreciate the Collesi family's eco-friendly efforts — the brewery is emission-free, creates its own steam power and uses 100-percent recyclable kegs.

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Beer type : Belgian Strong Dark Ale Price: $13.99 for 500 ml.


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