Coniston Brewing Co. Bluebird Bitter

Coniston Brewing Co. Bluebird Bitter pairs well with  fish and chips or roast beef sandwiches

As sweet summer corn and tomatoes give way to the apples and squash of autumn, so too do the fruit and wheat beers of the summer season yield to the drier, toastier beers of fall.

True English Bitter has the copper color of fallen oak leaves and a dry hoppy bite that whets the appetite for hearty fare. Bluebird is a perfect example of the style popular in British pubs, so satisfying with fish and chips or roast beef sandwiches. Modest enough in alcohol to comfortably allow for multiple pints in one sitting, English Bitter is a lighter, drier and more subtle stylistic forerunner of American Pale Ale. Their resemblance is best perceived at a 'cellar temperature' of 50°-55°F (pull the bottle from the refrigerator 10 minutes early).

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Beer type : English Bitter Price: $4.99 for 500 ml. ABV: 3.6%


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