Guinness Extra Stout

Guinness Extra Stout is a tried and true classic

The Extra Stout's ancestry dates back to the eighteenth century when it was known as West India Porter or Extra Superior Porter.

Beer drinkers today know it simply as a more bitter, carbonated draught. There's some truth to this, since "extra" means just that — more malt, more bite, basically all the things that make a Guinness a Guinness. But in late 2010, it was the Foreign Extra Stout, this stout's highly anticipated foreign counterpart boasting 7.2 percent alcohol by volume, that got all the attention when it was finally released in the U.S. (Beer lovers had been clamoring for it for ten plus years.) Sounds like someone could get jealous! That aside, this beer is, and always will be, a tried and true classic.

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Beer type : Stout Price: $6.99 for six-pack 11 oz. ABV: 5.6%


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