Magic Hat Hex

Magic Hat Hex uses a German ale yeast instead of lager yeast

Unlike most Oktoberfest lagers, this version uses a German ale yeast (instead of lager yeast), and while its light amber hue and caramel aroma is standard for a Märzen, additions of cherrywood-smoked malt lend to a thin layer of smokiness.

A decent bittering aftertaste at the end derived from Apollo and Hallertauer hops make it a bit fuller than some of the others of the style. Its uniqueness gives credence to the brewery's "Ourtoberfest" style name. The name and label artwork that depicts strange creatures sitting at a picnic table enjoying this beer suggest a merging of Oktoberfest and Halloween celebrations. Pair this brew with hearty beef stew; or even cook with it.

Beer Information

Magic Hat Brewery


5 Bartlett Bay Road South Burlington VT U.S.

Beer Details

Beer type : American Amber Ale Price: $1.90 for 12 oz. ABV: 5.4%


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