O'Hara's Irish Curim Gold

Pair O'Hara's Irish wheat beer with spicy foods like chili, barbecue pork and chorizo

While craft brewing spread like wildfire in the UK and the US beginning in the 1970s, it was slow to catch on in Ireland. O'Hara's Brewery, one of the first craft breweries on the Emerald Isle, wasn't founded until 1996.

Since then, the family-owned operation has outgrown its original nineteenth-century building and moved into a spacious modern facility in the O'Hara family's hometown of Bagenalstown, County Carlow. Their line of beers has expanded as well. O'Hara's brews Irish Pale Ale and Leann Folláin, in addition to Irish Stout, Irish Red and Irish Wheat.

Although O'Hara's beers are now available in more than 20 countries, their Irish Wheat beer was slow to reach the US market. Since Irish exports have mostly been dominated by stouts, the introduction of a wheat beer was in hopes of broadening Americans' exposure to Irish beer. O'Hara's Irish Curim Gold beer boasts hints of banana, peach and plum on the nose, which help balance what could have been a rather bitter, hoppy finish. Instead, the Irish Curim Gold tastes quite mild, without the strong whole wheat flavors typical of many American hefeweizens. At only 4.3 percent alcohol by volume, it goes down smoothly as well. Pair O'Hara's Irish wheat beer with spicy foods like chili, barbecue pork and chorizo.

Beer Information

Carlow Brewing


Royal Oak Rd. Muine Bheag Ireland

Beer Details

Beer type : Wheat Price: $3 for 500 ml. ABV: 4.3%


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