Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale

Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale has complex earthy aromas

The Yorkshire ales of Samuel Smith are legendary, combining reverence for tradition with an uncommon dedication to quality.

Brewed in the Winter Warmer style — smooth, malty brews that are a touch stronger, more caramel-scented and less bitter than the typical British pale ale — Winter Welcome is a tawny gold topped with froth as white and fluffy as Santa's beard. It delivers just enough richness to soothe the wind-chapped senses, yet doesn't push intensity so far as to limit the beer's drinkability by the pint. Solidly malty, Winter Welcome is very dry with a hearty, multi-grain toast quality. Complex earthy aromas worthy of artisanal cheese add depth, while mineral sharpness and herbal hop twang scour the palate clean. This winter beer is a study in restraint, an impeccably balanced brew that needn't shout to make its message heard.

Beer Information

Beer Details

Beer type : Ale Price: $3.99 for 500 ml. ABV: 6%


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