Sapporo Premium Beer

Sapporo Premium Beer is inspired by German Helles lagers

Yes, "craft beers" made with all-barley malt deliver more flavor, texture and nutrition.

But sometimes what we crave in a beer is sheer quenching refreshment, not richness or substance. While so-called "adjunct grains" are typically used to economize on cheap brews, Japan's tradition of lightening their finest lagers with the addition of rice produces beers of zen-like subtlety and grace. Inspired by German Helles lagers, Sapporo Premium is pale in color and near-weightless in the mouth. Its vigorous carbonation and a bone-dry attack make perfect sense in the dog days of summer, when a crisp lager feels as good as a cold shower and a linen shirt. Sapporo's 22-ounce bomber can is not simply a great choice for serving with sushi, it is a stylish and shatterproof delivery system for tongue-tingling, palate-scouring refreshment.

Beer Information

Beer Details

Beer type : Lager Price: $8.50 for six-pack 12 oz. ABV: 4.9%


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