Schneider Weisse Original

Santa Fe Brewing Company Kriek is fermented with Michigan cherries and sake yeast

The Bavarian hefeweizen is one of the most beloved craft beer styles in the world.

It is characterized by overtones of banana and clove, which are derived from distinct yeast strains. It's one of the few ale styles brewed in Germany, and tradition calls for the mixing of at least 50 percent wheat to barley and minimal bitterness, which allows the sweetness of the malt and the aforementioned yeast by-products to shine. Founded in 1872, this iconic brewery is a true family operation; it's currently run by Georg Schneider VI, the sixth-generation descendant of founder Georg Schneider. Considered by many to be the benchmark of Bavarian wheat beer, it still uses the original recipe and is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law), using only water, barley and wheat malt, hops and yeast. Much darker than most wheat beers, Schneider Weisse comes out of the bottle with an amber hue, and a bubblegum-like flavor mixes with an estery tartness and malty sweetness. Despite its deep color, it's not heavy and has a refreshing dry finish. Although many bartenders seem compelled to add lemon to this style, first try it without to appreciate the true taste the brewers intended.

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Beer type : Hefeweizen Price: $4.50 for 16.9 oz. ABV: 8.5%
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