Weihenstephaner Korbinian

Weihenstephaner Korbinian has aromas of pecan pie and hearty trail mix

Germany is a beer lover's heaven on earth, where beer is rightly recognized as a food group and brewing with anything short of pure barley malt has been outlawed since 1516.

While the popular image of German beer is that of pale lager, the tradition of brewing strong "bock" beers for cold weather is robust and grows more popular every year. This strong, dark lager boasts an ebony hue, reflecting garnet red in bright light. Aromas of pecan pie and hearty trail mix provide a mouth-watering preview, while mocha and raisin flavors follow up in the finish. Remarkably dry, Korbinian is a rare breed among Doppelbocks, as appropriate before or during dinner as after.

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Beer type : Doppelbock Price: $3.50 for 16.9 oz. ABV: 7.4%


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