Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Young's Double Chocolate Stout has ample chocolatey aromas

Roasted barley malt is often called “chocolate malt” for the bittersweet cocoa flavors that emerge in blackened grain.

Young’s of London goes one step further, adding real dark chocolate to the signature brew they dub “Double Chocolate Stout.” Despite its moderate alcohol, so typical of British beers, and a mere hint of perceptible sweetness, this warming brew will light up a chocolate lover’s pleasure sensors like a pinball pro. The ample chocolatey aromas are as heady as a trip to Hershey, while the flavors remain dry enough to flatter cheese and meats, like pure dark cocoa butter melted on whole grain toast. Double Chocolate Stout strikes a deft balance between richness and refreshment, an adult’s fantasy version of their childhood’s chocolate soda.

Beer Information

Beer Details

Beer type : Stout Price: $3.99 for 500 ml. ABV: 5.2%


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