Duchesse de Bourgogne

Named after Duchess Mary of Burgundy, this ale is sweet and dry

This beer is named in honor of Duchess Mary of Burgundy, who reigned over the Low Countries in the late 15th century.

The reddish brown ale from the West Flanders region of Belgium takes quite a long time to make — it's aged for 18 months in oak casks and then blended with an 8-month-old beer. The aging adds complexity and the acidity characteristic of a Flanders red ale. The high level of carbonation may remind you of a Prosecco, and helps to increase the aroma, which brings a hint of vinegar and fruitness. A slight malt flavor is matched with candy sweetness followed by a dry, tart and acidic aftertaste. The sourness level is quite low for a Flanders Red Ale, making it ideal for those unaccustomed to the style.

Sour Rating: 4

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Beer type : Red Ale, Ancient Herbal Ale Price: $12 for 750 ml. ABV: 6$12%


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