Rodenbach 2012 Vintage Oak Aged Ale

Rodenbach 2012 Vintage Oak Aged Ale boasts aromas of balsamic vinegar and cherry

Each year, beer aficionados anxiously await the annual release of Flanders Red Ale.

The beer is aged for two years in gigantic oak casks called foeders, some of which are more than 150 years old, where bacteria and wild yeast thrive while allowing just enough oxygen to get through the porous surface. Belgian standout Brouwerij Rodenbach experiments with multiple foeders, although only the very best cask is released annually. The cask number always appears on the label (in this case 170), and the year refers to the start date of the maturation process. It turns out 2012 was indeed a good year, as this vintage delivers aromas of balsamic vinegar and cherry, with a sublime balance of sweetness and sour. This vintage was well worth the wait and is a great way to experience the handiwork of a single barrel.

Sour Rating: 4

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Beer type : Red Ale Price: $21 for 750 ml. ABV: 7%


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