Lambickx has a pronounced tartness and an extremely dry finish

Aged in oak and chestnut barrels for two years and mixed with fresh cherries, Vanburg & DeWulf's proprietary blend of hand-selected Belgian lambics is worth the wait.

Upon pouring, you'll encounter a beautiful bright red hue with a pink frothy head. Aromas of cherry are quite noticeable, along with hints of oak and a musty Belgian farmhouse funk. Unlike many krieks that offer an abundance of sweet fruit flavor, Lambickx will make you pucker with its pronounced tartness and extremely dry finish. Be sure to take note of the label, which lists the brew year, bottle year, region, barrel type and number of bottles produced. This is a beer worth trying year after year, for like a fine wine, each brewing season is different — and each barrel boasts its own unique character that can never be replicated.

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Beer type : Lambic Price: $21 for 750 ml. ABV: 6.5%


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