Squatters Outer Darkness

Outer Darkness is Squatters Craft Beers' biggest beer

Outer Darkness is Squatters Pub Brewery's biggest beer, and its black label with two fiery red eyes hints at what's lurking inside.

This stout is well named, for it pours a jet-black hue with a dark brown head that allows no light to shine through. The wort is boiled for 3.5 hours to attain a rich caramelization that gives it an explosion of malty chocolate and sweet fig notes. The final pieces of the flavor puzzle are molasses and licorice root, which are added at the end of the boil. Your enjoyment isn't over after sipping, for a tingly and slightly bitter aftertaste with hints of licorice and coffee endures. Anyone who still believes that beers made in Utah are wimpy needs to take just one sip of this imperial stout to discover the truth.

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Beer Information

Squatters Pub Brewery


147 W. Broadway (300 South) Salt Lake City UT 84010 U.S.

Beer Details

Beer type : Stout, Malt Price: $11 for 750 ml. ABV: 10.5%


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