Lindemans Pomme is fermented by a variety of wild yeasts

The Lindemans brewery has its roots as a family farm with a small brewery that began the commercial brewing of lambic ales in 1822.

The fruit seasoning this lambic is apple (pomme is French for apple). Long before hops were common in most beers, fruits and herbs were used as bittering agents! As with all Belgian lambics, immediately after being brewed the beer is left in vats open to the outside air, where it is fermented by a variety of wild yeasts. The yeast provides plenty of tartness, as do the fresh apples that are added during a secondary fermentation. This apple lambic pours a light golden hue with a thick foamy head of tightly packed bubbles. An aroma of sweet and sour apple dominates, which may remind you of a Sour Apple Jolly Rancher candy. A Granny Smith Apple flavor continues as you sip, with sweetness up front turning to tartness in the aftertaste. Unlike ciders, which tend to be overly sweet, this lambic has other complexities from the yeast. This beer has a diminutive 3.5 percent alcohol content, making it easy drinking.

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Beer type : Fruit Beer, Lambic Price: $5.99 for 12 oz. ABV: 3.5%


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