Ommegang Gnomegang

Ommegang Gnomegang contains fruity, spicy yeast

This blonde ale is made in Cooperstown, New York, but it's inspired by the centuries-old brewing practices of Belgian Trappist monks.

Gnomegang incorporates the fruity, spicy yeast of the Belgian Brasserie d'Achouffe and is bottle conditioned with Ommegang yeast. The playful label depicts two chouffes (magical gnomes from Brasserie d'Achouffe) drinking a toast. Flavors of fruity esters, clove and spice from the Belgian yeast are balanced by hop bitterness and an effervescence that manages to hide the 9.5% ABV alcohol strength. After swallowing there's more enjoyment with a lingering dry, slightly sweet aftertaste. 

Beer Information

Brewery Ommegang


656 Co Hwy 33 Cooperstown NY 13326 U.S.

Beer Details

Beer type : Belgian Strong Golden Ale Price: $17 for 750 ml. ABV: 9.5%


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