Goose Island Summertime Kölsch

Goose Island Summertime Kölsch is brewed with two-row barley and wheat malt

This summer seasonal is brewed in the fashion of a true German-style Kölsch.

It's cold-conditioned after primary fermentation using a hybrid of ale and lager yeasts. Brewed with two-row barley and wheat malt, it pours the color of the bright summertime sun. The beer is bittered with Mt. Hood and Saaz hops, providing a crisp aftertaste. It's balanced by the typical fruity notes of an ale, along with the sweet grain taste of a lager, making this Kölsch an easy-to-drink summer quencher. And at only 5.1 percent ABV, you may want to put back more than one.

Beer Information

Goose Island


1800 W. Fulton St. Chicago IL 60612 U.S.

Beer Details

Beer type : Kölsch Price: $10 for six-pack 12 oz. ABV: 5.1%


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