Laitilan Kukko Pils

Laitilan Kukko Pils is brewed with pure Nordic water

Reputed to be the world's first gluten-free beer made with malted barley, this pilsner is brewed in Laitila, Finland, using pure Nordic water.

An independent study conducted by the Finnish Coeliac Society revealed that the beer was, in fact, gluten-free. Kukko is Finnish for rooster; the bird also appears in the brewery's emblem. Upon pouring, you'll find a sweet malt aroma, clear golden hue and lively carbonation with a frothy white head. Unlike many gluten-free beers, which substitute barley with sorghum, rice or corn, this lager tastes like real beer. It's a refreshing one at that, with a light body, sweet taste and zesty effervescence.

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Beer type : Pilsner Price: $2.25 for 16.9 oz. ABV: 4.5%


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