Stone Pale Ale 2.0

Stone Pale Ale 2.0 boasts a hoppy profile to please modern palates

In 1995, Stone Brewing Company's co-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner crafted the brand's first beer in a rented condo in Solana Beach, California.

Their Stone Pale Ale, the flagship brand for 18 years, would go on to become San Diego County's first brewed-and-bottled beer. Fast forward to 2015, and Koch and Wagner decided it was time for an update. Stone Pale Ale 2.0 is a crisp brew that caters to modern hop-heavy tastes. It pours a golden hue with a light body, and offers ample spiciness thanks to a touch of rye. Generous helpings of German hops impart flavors of bright peach and Mandarin orange. The overall result is a complex, hoppy ale that, at 6 percent ABV, is one of the milder beers the brewery offers in terms of alcohol strength. However, it's anything but mild in regards to flavor.

Beer Information

Stone Brewing


1999 Citracado Parkway Escondido CA U.S.

Beer Details

Beer type : American Pale Ale Price: $9 for six-pack 12 oz. ABV: 6%


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