Widmer Brothers Drifter Pale Ale

Widmer Brothers Drifter Pale Ale has notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit

This ale was originally brewed in 2009 and dubbed Brewmasters’ Pale when the brewing team first experimented with Summit hops, a new hop at the time.

It was retired in 2013, but after fans clamored for its return, this old favorite is back. The aforementioned featured hop is known for its distinctive and delicate undertones of tangerine, mandarin orange and grapefruit, which come through in the aroma and flavor. Caramel malt gives it an attractive copper-red hue and there is just enough bitterness to balance, allowing the mélange of citrus flavors to shine. This is an easy-drinking brew to enjoy in the summer or really, any time of year.

Beer Information

Widmer Brothers Brewing


929 North Russell St. Portland OR 97227 U.S.

Beer Details

Beer type : American Pale Ale Price: $8 for six-pack 12 oz. ABV: 5.7%


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