Best Ciders

Great-Tasting Hard Ciders That Are Gluten-Free

By Bob Barnes

Although often inaccurately lumped with beer, cider is its own unique beverage. Currently enjoying an explosion in popularity, cider serves as a bridge between beer and wine, appealing to fans of both. Like wine, it’s made from fermented fruit juice; like beer, it’s most often poured on draft. But unlike most beers, cider is gluten-free.

While cider has been made for more than a thousand years, it has a special place in American history. The earliest known provisions for cider-making in the New World are believed to have been carried over on the Mayflower in 1620; the first apple trees were planted nine days after the storied ship’s arrival.

While apple is the most commonly used fruit, GAYOT's List of the Best Ciders also includes options made with cherry, black currant, strawberry, lime and pear.

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