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FACUNDO Paraíso is among the finest rums in the world

Named after Don Facundo Bacardí Masso (yes, that Bacardí), the FACUNDO Rum Collection is meant for sipping and dates back to 1862 when its namesake purchased a small distillery in Santiago de Cuba. 

Because of the political uncertainty in Cuba, BACARDÍ eventually moved its operations to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and other locales. However, the Art Deco design of the collection's glass bottles pays homage to the "Golden Cocktail Age" of 1930s Cuba.

The four rums in the FACUNDO collection come from the Bacardí family's private reserves. Each rum — FACUNDO Neo, FACUNDO Eximo, FACUNDO Exquisito, FACUNDO Paraíso — is handcrafted by master blenders and then aged in highly toasted and unmoved white oak barrels.

While each one is worthy of sipping, if you have to choose just one, make it Paraíso. This rum is finished in casks used for Sherry and French XO Brandy — some of the casks are more than 60 years old.

As its name promises, the deep amber liquid, a blend of rums of which some are aged up to 23 years, is "paradise" in a glass. Wafts of oaky vanilla and almond caress the nose, leading to a smooth palate with a long, mellow finish tinged with a hint of sweet fruit and caramel. 

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Price: $250 for 750 ml ABV: 40%
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