Quarterly Wine Newsletter - Summer 2016

summer wine

The season of sunshine is upon us and that means plenty of sipping is in order. Here's your primer on what to drink during the long, warm days of summer. 

Discover the best bottles of vino with GAYOT's Top 10 Summer Wines

Top 10 Summer Wines
Relax with these warm-weather wines on the backyard patio, along the countryside or at a fun, laidback outing. 

Find the best brews with GAYOT's Top 10 Summer Beers

Top 10 Summer Beers
From wheat and fruit beers to brisk lagers and a gluten-free pilsner (!), these tasty and affordable brews will help you chill out all season long. 

Find the jewels of juniper with GAYOT's list of the Top 10 Gins

Top 10 Gins
It originated in the Middle Ages, but today, gin is in. We've taste-tested our way to find the best juniper-infused spirits to enjoy straight up or mixed in your favorite summer cocktail. 

Learn the ABC's of vino with GAYOT's wine glossary
ABC's of Wine 
Summer school is in session ... but we promise it'll be fun! GAYOT's glossary offers everything you've ever wanted to know about wine from beginning to end. 




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