Daniel Bouju Napoléon Cognac

Daniel Bouju Napoléon Cognac has a delightful lingering aftertaste

Don’t be fooled by the word “Champagne” on the label. This brandy has nothing to do with that light sparkling wine.

Au contraire, this rough stuff is half alcohol which you can actually feel in your nose with a single whiff. The dark, powerful, potent elixir can easily stand up to a cigar. Unfiltered, it’s decidedly tough on the palate with a hint of smoke, but then produces a delightful lingering aftertaste that just won’t quit. Yes, it’s strong, but we believe drinking it transfers its strength to us, making us feel more macho. FYI, Grande Champagne refers to the best area for grapes in Cognac, which is nowhere near Champagne, France.

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Price: $75 for 700 ml. ABV: 40%


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