L'Art de Martell

7 Place Edouard Martell Cognac

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L'Art de Martell has hints of hazelnut and blackcurrant

Martell created this limited edition Cognac in 1997 to commemorate the retrocession of Hong Kong to China.

With a history in the Cognac business that dates back to the 1720s, the Martell family has had plenty of time to construct a fitting tribute. The 1,997 bottles of L’Art de Martell are among the grandest testaments to that family legacy. With hints of hazelnut and blackcurrant, L’Art makes it clear why the Martell family cellar is often referred to as “Le Paradis.”

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7 Place Edouard Martell 16100 Cognac France

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Price: $6,100 for 700 ml.


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