G'Vine Nouaison Gin has aromas of mint, almond and menthol

A French gin? Absolument!

The distillery was so excited about crafting the spirit that it produced two versions, G'Vine Nouaison and G'Vine Floraison. With botanicals such as cassia bark, ginger root, lime peel, coriander, grape flower and licorice, Nouaison offers a more historically accurate nose than the distinctly floral Floraison. Nouaison introduces itself robustly before giving way to aromas of mint, almond and menthol. Distilled five times, this grape-based gin retains a rich palate and a bouquet of citrus and spice — with cinnamon taking the lead. Finishing with a woody herbaceousness balanced by floral hints, G'Vine Nouaison is simply divine.

Spirit Information

Maison Villevert


Maison Villevert 16100 Merpins France

Spirit Details

Price: $33 for 750 ml. ABV: 43.9%


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