Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin

Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin is a juniper and floral bomb with lemon and orange remnants

As a new generation of craft distillers takes center stage, none are more masterful than the Leopold Brothers from Colorado.

The botanicals in their Navy Strength American Gin consist of juniper, orris root, cardamom, coriander, pummelos and hand-zested Valencia oranges that are distilled separately. This allows master distiller Todd Leopold to ensure each distillate is true to its optimal flavor before blending the final product. The result is a juniper and floral bomb with lemon and orange remnants. The high proof pairs with a juniper, vegetal, citrus and forest floor middle palate before finishing in a wash of floral heat. It's an exceptional example of a Navy Strength Gin; each botanical is expressed in its full glory with both its primary and secondary aromas. This small-batch craft distilled gin is perfect for those who enjoy big, intense flavors.

Spirit Information

Leopold Bros.


5285 Joliet St. Denver CO 80239 U.S.

Spirit Details

Price: $40 for 750 ml. ABV: 57%


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