Nolet's Silver Gin

Nolet's Silver Gin contains botanicals such as Turkish rose, peach and raspberry

Carl H.J. Nolet, Jr., one of the creators of Nolet's Silver Gin, believes that gin-drinking is ripe for a comeback. Whether he's right nor not, we do think that his gin has a bright future.

Why Silver? The qualifier is not meant to invoke the silver or blanco designation of young tequilas. Instead, Nolet's Silver is a step down from Nolet's Reserve, which boasts gold styling on its bottle and is — at $700 — perhaps the most expensive gin on the market. Nolet's Silver also costs more than the average gin, but what truly sets it apart is its unusual combination of botanicals.

Most gins contain juniper, which is considered the defining botanical of the spirit and the one from which its name derives. If the Nolets have put juniper in their gin, they're not saying; in fact, they want to keep us guessing which botanicals are used in their Nolet's Silver. So far, the only ones they have revealed are Turkish rose, peach and raspberry. The dominant note, Turkish rose, comes through clearly on both the nose and palate, giving it a pungent aroma and liqueur-like taste.

While we typically mix our gin, we make an exception for Nolet's Silver, which can be enjoyed either chilled or on the rocks. If you do want to mix a cocktail with it, try Nolet's recipe.

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Price: $40 for 750 ml. ABV: 47.6%


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