Oxley Dry Gin contains fourteen botanicals

After eight years of hard work, with numerous setbacks, the makers of Oxley Dry Gin finally hit on a revolutionary method for preserving the flavors of the ingredients used in making it, while respecting the traditions and techniques of English gin-making. The result is the world's first cold-distilled gin.

Cold distillation uses a vacuum to reduce the pressure in the still, thereby lowering the temperature to approximately -5°C, causing the macerated spirit in the still to "boil" and turn to vapor. This happens for the same reason that water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes. Cold distillation captures and preserves in the vapor the natural essences from the botanicals. The vapor in the condenser column then moves against a cold finger probe, which is approximately -100°C, changing the vapor back into liquid and ready to be collected for bottling.

Once the cold distillation process had been perfected, Oxley's distillers had yet to find the right combination of botanicals that could retain their flavor at such low temperatures. The successful combination, Recipe No. 38, uses fourteen botanicals, including fresh lemon, grapefruit and orange peels, juniper berries, meadowsweet and vanilla.

Still a young product with a tiny production, Bacardi-owned Oxley gin, must now add a second still to supply its expanding demand. "We're very proud of this product, which has garnered praise from mixologists as their favored gin," says Jamie Evans, Oxley's brand ambassador. The pure and crisp flavor of this fragrant dry gin can be enjoyed over ice, but we prefer to drink it in a classic gin and tonic or Royal Air Force cocktail.

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Price: $55 for 750 ml. ABV: 47%


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