Plymouth Original Gin

Plymouth Original Gin has a distinctive smooth taste and hints of spice

In 1620, America's Pilgrim Fathers left the port town of Plymouth, England, sailed to the New World and founded Plymouth Colony. 

Before departure, they slept in a building that would become Blackfriars Distillery, where Plymouth Gin is made. We'd like to think that they took Plymouth Gin with them, because of the Plymouth connection and because it was the favorite drink of seasoned sailors, but this cannot be the case. Plymouth Gin only dates back to 1793. Yet, this hasn't stopped the makers of Plymouth Gin from featuring an image of the Mayflower on the bottle.

Plymouth Gin is one of the few examples of this local gin style left. Most widely-available gins these days are London-style. Apart from the name, there's not much to distinguish the two styles except the source of the water and the sweetness of the oranges used to make them. In addition to juniper berries, Plymouth Gin is made from lemon peel, sweet orange peel, orris root, angelica root, cardamom pods and coriander seeds, for a total of seven botanicals. It is this combination of botanicals that gives the dry gin its distinctive smooth taste and hints of spice. All is perfectly balanced, so that the smoothness allows for a pleasant, slightly burning feel, while the botanicals are not overpowering.

Plymouth Gin can be enjoyed neat or mixed with tonic water, but due to its mild flavor we prefer to use it as an ingredient in our favorite cocktails. Try this simple recipe for Gin 'n' Juice, which may differ from the one Snoop Dogg popularized.

Spirit Information

Plymouth Gin


Black Friars Distillery 60 Southside St. PL1 2LQ Plymouth United Kingdom

Spirit Details

Price: $35 for 750 ml. ABV: 41.2%


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