Schramm Organic Gin

Schramm Organic Gin uses artisanal ingredients including juniper and coriander

While Canada may be better known for its easy-drinking whisky, Schramm Organic Gin is an exquisite entry into the craft spirit world.

Using artisanal ingredients including juniper, coriander, orange peel, rosemary, angelica root, Ceylon cinnamon, rosehips and hops, it is a rare potato-based gin. Done in small batches to ensure quality and to enhance the rare mash bill, the ingredients rest in the potato spirit bath prior to distillation. This infusion and marriage of the base spirit with the botanicals creates a superb finished product. The nose squeals of cucumber and then gives off beautiful hop, light citrus and rose aromas. There is an underlying earthiness on the palate with a heat derived from both the alcohol and the Ceylon cinnamon bathed in a richer version of the cucumber found on the nose. A touch of mint and citrus on the finish enable the taster to discover myriad flavors without the overwhelming juniper sensation often dominating gins. This is a superior gin that happens to also be organic...a gem.

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Price: $45 for 750 ml. ABV: 44%


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