Banks 5 Island Rum has flavors of earthy green tea and fresh-cut grass

Inspired by the travels and discoveries of 18th century botanist and explorer Sir Joseph Banks, Banks 5-Island Rum is the first-ever blend of rums from five different areas — Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Java and Guyana (but since the latter is not actually an island, the rum doesn't exactly live up to its name). 

The combination comprises twenty rums of different ages. As the many unique flavors reach the taste buds, the complexity of the medium-bodied white rum is apparent. Featured flavors include earthy green tea and fresh-cut grass, accented by tropical fruit, with a little basil and green apple. A dry finish, accompanied by smoky and grassy notes, lingers on the palate. Banks 5 Island Rum can be sipped, but is best enjoyed in a tropical cocktail.

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Price: $33 for 750 ml. ABV: 43%


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