Mezcal Vago Elote has an aroma of smoky corn and earth

Mezcal Vago exports the finest yet-to-be-discovered mezcals from Oaxaca.

This traditional-style Mexican spirit is created by just one man, Aquilino García López. His family has made the smoky drink for many generations, just for relatives and friends. Only recently available to consumers, it's the first of its kind sold in the United States. Vago Elote is produced in small batches in a tiny village on López's estate. The farm is adjacent to the Atoyac River, which nourishes the agave for a decade before it's harvested. Vago Elote is made of twice-distilled espadín mezcal, which is then infused with roasted sweet corn for a few days, followed by a third distillation. The end product has an aroma of smoky corn and earth, which opens up to tropical fruit and vanilla notes, and culminates in a finish of papaya and cedar.

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Price: $54 for 750 ml. ABV: 50.1%


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