Avión Silver Tequila can be enjoyed neat or with a mixer

We realize that not everybody can spend hundreds of dollars on a bottle of tequila no matter how wonderful it is, so we wanted to include a reasonably priced un-aged tequila on our list. This one lived up to the hype.

Featured prominently on HBO's "Entourage," Tequila Avión may not come with the models, movie stars and mansions that populate pack leader Vinny Chase's life; however, sometimes a smooth, top-shelf spirit is company enough. Such is the case with this crisp and clean silver tequila hailing from the rolling hills of Jalisco, Mexico. Crafted from brick-oven-roasted blue agave and rigorously refined through Avión's ultra-slow filtration process, the resulting spirit offers a complex, well-balanced flavor profile that can be enjoyed neat or with a mixer.

Spirit Information

Spirit Details

Price: $47 for 750 ml. ABV: 40%


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