Cielo Tequila

Cielo Tequila comes in three varieties

In the United States, most people have a hard time naming great tequilas other than the usual Patrón or Don Julio. But branch away from the Don and you’ll find a number of excellent tequilas, all with unique flavors and aromas. Tequila fans can stock up on another top-shelf spirit in their home bar: Cielo Tequila.

Made by Blavod Extreme Spirits in partnership with Suntory, the makers of Midori, this new tequila comes in three varieties: Añejo, Reposado and Silver. The Añejo, the most refined of the three, is aged two to four years before bottling. Its smooth taste with aromas of oak, spice and fruit make it a better sipper than mixer, unlike the Reposado and Blanco. The Reposado’s vanilla and caramel flavors make for an interesting mixer, especially with a strawberry or peach margarita. For the simplest mixer, the Silver is the best bet, although it might be easier on the wallet to choose an inexpensive José Cuervo if you simply want tequila’s bite.

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Cielo Tequila


La Estación Héroe de Nacozari 5 46400 Tequila Mexico


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