Herencia de Plata Tequila comes in three varieties

Herencia Tequila is a family affair right down to its name, which means “inheritance” or “legacy.” The family of Manuel Garcia, who founded Herencia, has been making spirits since the early 20th century.

The three brands of tequila they produce were each created to commemorate a family wedding—Herencia de Plata honors the nuptials of Garcia’s son Juan Manuel. And it’s actually quite the honor, as Mexican President Vincente Fox has served these premium, award-winning 100-percent Agave tequilas to Queen Elizabeth II. These kosher-certified beverages each come in squat, 750-ml bottles with wood-topped corks or in cute 50-ml miniaturized versions that can be purchased in six or twelve packs.

The amber-colored Añejo has sweet, sugary aromas with a soft, supple entry and spicy finish. The Silver (or Blanco) is smooth, but harsher than the Añejo on the intake. As it was not aged in oak barrels (hence its lack of color), it’s not overly flavorful, which makes it a better choice for margaritas and other mixed drinks. The Reposado is the most complex, with a flavorful, vibrant entry that has a lot more going on than its brothers. It has a spicier, long finish that tequila connoisseurs will appreciate, but that novices might shy away from. Our pick is the Añejo, but any of these premium tequilas is a splendid choice for your next get-together with friends and especially family.

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