Impress at your next dinner party with this carbonated margarita recipe

Carbonated Margarita Recipe

Carbonated Margarita Recipe

Have you ever tried a carbonated cocktail? Top cocktail bars around the world are using a combination of classic cocktail recipes with a touch of molecular mixology to add some zing to the usual drinking experience.

In order to try a carbonated cocktail at home, you will need a soda siphon. This hand-held beverage carbonator gives everything from a negroni to a margarita just the right amount of bubbles. How does it work? Just make a batch of your favorite cocktail, pour it into a siphon and charge it with CO2. Check out these instructions from NYC-based craft bartender, Kyle Ford, for making a Carbonated Cointreau Margarita.

How to Make a Carbonated Cocktail At Home

1. Using a soda siphon to create carbonated cocktails simply involves batching your favorite cocktail, pouring it into a siphon, and charging it with CO2. A standard issue iSi soda siphon will hold about five to six cocktails.

2. The trick is to properly dilute the batched cocktail with water before putting it into the siphon. This is to adjust for the fact that you are not shaking and diluting the cocktail with ice.

When you do shake a cocktail, you are diluting and expanding the drink by about 25 percent. That said, if you have a cocktail that has a measure of 4 oz. of liquid (like the 2-1-1 margarita) you will need to add 1 oz. of water to the batch.

3. Prepare your cocktail in a large container accordingly and funnel into the soda siphon. Screw the cap on and then charge the siphon with a CO2 cartridge, using the provided attachment.

4. Enjoy your carbonated cocktail.

Carbonated Margarita Recipe

Yields 6-7 drinks


6.5 oz. Cointreau
13 oz. Tequila
6.5 oz. fresh lime juice, strained
6.5 oz. cold water, filtered

Prepare batch in a large container and funnel into a siphon. Charge with CO2 and keep on ice or in a refrigerator. Serve over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.