Tres Cuatro Y Cinco is a blend of three, four and five year old tequilas

Made from 100 percent Weber Blue agave, Tres Cuatro Y Cinco is manufactured by the Fonseca family of Jalisco, Mexico.

It is the product of the family's fourth generation of growing and distilling tequila, and the extra añejo is made of 30% three year, 40% four year and 30% five year extra añejo tequilas aged in French oak. (Hence the name, which translates to 'Three, Four and Five.") Each of the handmade crystal decanters are designed and created by Mexico City artist Alonso Gonzales Jr. Only 1,000 bottles have ever been produced, and each is signed and numbered by the artist, making the bottle, as well as the tequila inside, a very special collector's item. The tequila itself is smooth and sophisticated, making it perfect for sipping.

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Price: $400 for 750 ml. ABV: 43.5%

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