The El Jolgorio Madrecuixe is produced every year in Santa Maria Zoquitlan in Oaxaca

Nowadays, traditional production methods such as pit-roasting agave hearts are the price of entry just to get into the artisanal category.

But the El Jolgorio line steps it up by focusing exclusively on wild-harvested agave varietals like Madrecuixe. If you favor bold flavors (and an overproof of 94 percent), your palate is in for a treat. The Madrecuixe delivers strong earth on the nose and a broad vegetal palate that lets the joven, or un-aged agave, deliver its full native complexity. Only 250 bottles of this double-distilled mezcal are produced annually in Santa Maria Zoquitlan, Oaxaca, by expert palanquero Ignacio Parada.

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Price: $135 for 750 ml. ABV: 47%

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