Los Danzantes Mezcal Los Nahuales Reposado

Los Danzantes Los Nahuales Reposado is produced in the Oaxaca Highlands

It’s the agave espadín, a close relative of tequila’s Weber agave, that is the workhorse of mezcal production.

In the hands of Los Danzantes, this spiny desert plant is transformed into a rich and smoky spirit that is unique to the Oaxacan highlands. Double-distilled in pot stills after being cooked in stone-lined earthen pits, this reposado — or rested mezcal — is then aged in French oak barrels for a mellow finish. The flavor profile starts with hints of delicious mesquite, but it’s the minerality of the terroir and lingering vanilla of the oak you’ll remember the most.

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Price: $64 for 750 ml. ABV: 42%

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