Best Tequilas Under $100

Great Budget Tequilas

If you still think tequila is the hangover-inducing spirit of yesteryear, think again. Americans are consuming more tequila than ever before. In fact, after whiskey, it’s one of the fastest-growing spirits in popularity. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy the good stuff.

Made exclusively from blue weber agave plants, tequila's flavors are mostly determined by the terroir and altitude at which they are grown. The pineapple-like cores, called piñas, are baked in either traditional brick ovens or by steaming in metal autoclaves, almost like pressure cookers, before being fermented and distilled.

Tequila must be produced in the Mexican states of Jalisco (where the town of Tequila is located), Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanjuato or Tamaulipas. GAYOT's Best Tequilas Under $100  proudly showcase bold agave character along with nuanced notes ranging from green peppers to marshmallow to toffee. They are a mix of styles — blanco, wood-aged reposado, añejo — from various regions and all bottles are priced well under $100.

But don't let the prices fool you — these might be cheap tequilas, but that only refers to price, not quality.

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