Top 10 Blended Scotch

Islay Mist 17 Year Old

Price: $70 for 750 ml.
ABV: 40%

This blend is a distant relative of the original Islay Mist started in the 1920s. Its age is of importance because it makes for a more rounded, alluring and approachable Islay Scotch. Its nose pays homage to Islay without the explosion of aromas normally associated with the region's Scotch. The softer aromas of peat and smoke are joined by tobacco, toffee and green grapes. The palate is alive with a bouquet of smoked and honeyed walnuts, finishing with a smoked peatyness that lingers for awhile. The Mist is a fabulous introduction to Islay whisky for the uninitiated or those preferring a more relaxed version of the island's classic flavors.