Best Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Bread and Butternut

1170 Broadway (28th St.) New York NY 10001 U.S.

A deep, warming cocktail with Sherry and butternut squash flavors, balanced by a refreshing hint of lemon juice.

Copper Gimlet

705 W. 9th St. Los Angeles CA 90015 U.S.

The classic gimlet is made with gin, but this Southern California spin calls for vodka, vanilla simple syrup and absinthe.

Green River

Green Chartreuse liqueur casts a verdant glow and adds an herbal, floral flavor, enhancing this drink's citrus notes.


Cherries Jubilee inspired this sweet sip, which gets its stone fruit flavor from kirschwasser.

Lavender Lemonade

Floral notes from violet liqueur and lavender simple syrup elevate this summery sip.

Mountain Rose

Sparkling wine and a low alcohol content make this floral, subtly sweet and hoppy beverage the perfect aperitif.

Nicholas Collins

The flavors of fall comfort the senses in this spice-infused drink.

Poison Ivy

Vodka, absinthe and basil make for a lively blend in this herbaceous, refreshing cocktail.

Ski Patrol

A snowy, white sugared rim pays homage to Aspen's famous slopes.

The Spice Trade

3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd. (Flamingo Rd.) Las Vegas NV 89109 U.S.

The Moscow Mule is transformed into a liquid luxury that has a kick, thanks to the addition of pricey saffron and fiery Thai bitters.